is the the UK's largest European groupage hub, where all Europa's European road freight is centralised. The company's network of 10 regional branches around the UK trunk directly into its £30m, 26, 368 square metre facility in Dartford.

 means customers benefit from improved efficiencies, increased payloads and more direct line services to more European hubs, so simply a quicker and more streamlined service. This also enables Europa to increase daily services to all its European partner depots, which will reduce transit times and improve quality even further.

No other company operates a domestic network with direct trunks to the whole of the UK, from the east side of London.

Why Europa?

* A beautifully simple operation
* The best network with partners selected by us
* Double manned daily services
* What we don't ship today we ship tomorrow
* Value for money
* Single point of contact

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